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Welcome to CU London!

As a CU London student you are automatically a member of CUSU, your Students' Union.

This year will be a little different but we've still got amazing experiences, events, groups, and opportunities to help you make the most of University. Whether you're a new student or a returner, undergraduate or postgraduate, home or international, this is for you.

Are you from Cov Uni London, CU Scarborough, Coventry or Wroclaw? Use those links to head to your Welcome site :)

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The Welcome Wall

Share what you most want to get our of your CU Scarborough experience, and see what others have to say

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Welcome Fair

We will have Virtual Fairs launching soon! Sports, Societies, Campaigns, and more.

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Online Events

Meet your new classmates, coursemates, flatmates, teammates, soul mates, just mates...

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The Welcome Quiz

CUSU offers a lot! It can be tricky to know what's for you so we've made a little quiz to help guide you :)

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The Mailing List

If you're already registered then you don't need to worry about this! But if you're in a rush and want to make sure you're kept in the loop sign up to the Welcome Mailing List

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Starting or returning to University can be a stressful time, particularly in the midst of a pandemic. We have plenty of support available for you.