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Autumn Elections

Each Autumn we elect students to officer and rep positions to represent students and shape the University experience for all students (that include you!).

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The students you elect will have a huge influence on your experience so it's important to choose the candidates who best represent your interests

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What is NUS?

NUS is the National Union of Students, think of how CUSU works through Coventry University; NUS do that on a national level!

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If you have any questions about the Elections, Roles or an complaints please do not hesitate to contact us at

Guidelines and Results

Elections Timeline

Have a look at whats coming up regarding the CUSU Elections

Elections Guidance Autumn 2020

Some guidance on the rules and regulations of the CUSU Autumn Elections 2020. Nominations open on 19th October!

What is NUS?

Find out more about the National Union of Students and why you should run for NUS delegate!

How Elections Work

An overview of the elections process

How to choose your Role! (Coventry University)

A breakdown of which roles you can nominate yourself for!