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Sustainable Festive Crafts

December is often a time that sparks creativity and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to give to others whether that’s friends, family or even those you do not know! Unfortunately it can also be a time that encourages us to be wasteful in our habits and activities. 

Over the years sustainability has grown to be more of an important topic in our daily lives which is why we want to encourage you to take part in some sustainable festive craft activities this year! Not only is it a good way to make use of ‘scraps’ in your home but it is also a brilliant way to relax and relieve stress!

You may be sat there thinking ‘but how or where can I get started?’ Lucky for you we have come across a few interesting ideas to share …


Simple Paper Crafts

Like most of us, it’s likely you have scrap paper laying round your home – maybe an old flyer, an envelope, or even a half used page from an old notebook. Rather than throwing it away, you can transform them into lovely festive decorations to gift or display in your home.


For example a paper Christmas tree …


Hanging decorations ...


Envelop gift bags ...



Upcycling Craft Ideas

Have a think about how you can get creative with ‘trash’ – i.e. items you would have otherwise seen as fit only for the bin. Here are a few more ideas of what you could do with wrappers, used bulbs and old/damaged clothing for inspiration …




Let us know how you get on by sharing your creations on Instagram and tagging @cususustainability in them!




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