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Adopt a Society- Lead an established society to success

This is like a fast-track version of starting a new society.

The Societies below have previously been active but currently do not have a student committee leading them. A selection of them may have some money in their account, some resources and members wanting to join. They need a President, Inclusions Officer, Treasurer and you can add additional roles of your choice e.g. Vice President, Events Manager, Social Media Coordinator.

That’s where you come in. If you want to take on a leadership role in any of the Societies listed below then all you need to do is complete the adoption form HERE and send it to They are voluntary roles that provide you with a range of skills that would look great on your CV to future employers. We will provide you with committee training so you are ready to take on your new role, and we will support you throughout the year to lead the society to success. If you would like more information please email

Societies available for adoption


  • Allied Health and Life Sciences - CU London

    We are the community for students studying health courses. We want you to have the best experience in and out of the classroom.

  • Asian - CU London

    We are CU London's Asian Society.

  • Basketball - CU London

    The CU London Basketball Society is here with the aim of bringing every-one together through teamwork and the enjoyment of basketball.

  • Black Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Network - CU London

    The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Community is a space to share your ideas, opinions and concerns about your student experience. We organise events, campaigns and make lasting change on campus.

  • Business Society - CU London

    We are the network and community for students at CU London studying: Business Management and Leadership & Sport and Leisure Management

  • Cyber Security Society

    Within our society, you can deepen your knowledge about Cyber Security, get updated about the latest trends in IT, prepare your career, improve your networking, and refine your skills.

  • Disabled Students Network - CU London

    Our aim is to support all Disabled Students at CU London to have the best university experience. We campaign & run events to make CU London accessible & inclusive.

  • Education - CU London

    We are the education society. We organise social events, trips and academic activities for all Primary Education and Early Childhood students.

  • International Students Network - CU London

    Our community celebrates the diversity we have on campus and organises different events to make sure all students are represented and included.

  • London Explorers - CU London

    We are the London Explorers! We're a group of students who love spending our free time exploring the tourist hot spots and hidden gems of London. Join us!

  • Policing - CU London

    We are the Academic Society for Policing. We aim to bring together all students on the course for both professional development outside of the classroom and social community building too

  • Romanian - CU London

    Join the Romanian Society.

  • Running Club - CU London

    We’re a group of mixed ability students who want to hang out, get a bit fitter and want to be social doing it.

  • STEM - CU London

    STEM Soc gives you an opportunity to meet and mingle with other students studying related disciples as well out-of-timetable opportunities to explore aspects of STEM in less formal settings.

  • Students with responsibilities Network - CU London

    We provide support to Parents, Care Givers, Commuter Students, Part-Time Students, Employed Students And Mature Students. We campaign, run events and support you through your university experience.

  • Travel Club - CU London

    Interested in trips, travel and outings both in the U.K. and overseas? Join this group to find out what’s available to you!

  • Women Students Network - CU London

    Open To All Who Self-Define As Women, Including Those With Complex Gender Identities Which Includes 'Woman'. We provide support to all women students, campaign for equality and run events all year.