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CUSU's position on rent and tuition fees

The current lockdown has bought further hardship to Coventry University and CU Group students. Most students cannot access the accommodation they have paid for and the current student experience is not what students signed up for.

We want to clarify with our members CUSU’s stance on financial issues affecting students, the actions we’re taking, and how you can support them.

Accommodation Fee Rebates

We welcome the University’s decision to offer 80% rent rebates on University owned accommodation from the 5th of January to 16th of February. However, we have formally asked the University to offer 100% rent rebates in line with many other universities and to defer upcoming payments until students can make use of the facilities.

We also know most students stay in accommodation not owned by the University and have either not been offered refunds or offered rates at a much less generous level than the University. We will be working hard to pressure private landlords to also offer equitable rebates to all students.

That students are unable to use these facilities due to government restrictions should be taken into consideration when giving rebates. We call on the government to support extra funding to refund student rent and will be contacting local MPs.

Tuition Fee Refunds

We call on the UK Government to work with universities to provide tuition fee refunds. The pandemic has changed the delivery of teaching which in turn has affected the student experience. We have submitted papers to the government asking them to support students at this difficult time.

We require the government to provide a significant refund to UK based students and to provide funding to universities to provide the same for international students.

What can you do?

We will be discussing these issues with members of the University Senior Leadership team live on Facebook on 26th January. You can submit your questions in advance and join us on the day (no Facebook account required).

To support accommodation campaigning, email Abimbola Ojo, VP Welfare and Community.

To support education campaigning and representation, email Obinna Okereke, VP Education.