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Meet your 2019/20 Student Representatives!

Meet the Students that will be Representing you at Coventry University London fro the 2019/20 academic year!

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Meet the Students representing you at Coventry University London! We have a variety of different levels of representation on campus and all students can get involved in the opportunity of being a rep!

Coventry University London Campus Officer

Immi Annoor - 3rd Year Global Business Management

As London Campus officer Immi's role entails being the highest level of student representation on the Coventry University London campus. She will work closely alongside the Senior Course Reps, Course Reps, Sevice reps and NUS Delegates to help achieve changes for the better on campus. As Coventry Univesity London Campus Officer you will have a membership to a variety of high-level university meetings to ensure your feedback is heard at the highest level. This is Immi's second term in post and elections for the new London Campus Officer will be happening next term. 



Senior Course Reps

Your Senior Course Reps on campus will be representing you and your respective academic different departments that we have on campus at termly Student Forums through Chairing and Minuting the meetings. The Senior Course reps will work alongside the Course Reps to collect a variety of feedback about your course to improve it wherever possible and ensure you get the most out of your time studying here. They were chosen through an interview process run by CUSU and will be representing you throughout the 2019/20 academic year.

Accounting, Finance and Economics (AFE)

Chair - Yesica Nithiyanantha - 1st Year Financial Economics and Banking

Minute taker - Christiana Ewurum - 1st Year Global Finance


Management and Human Resources (MHR)

Chair - Mahnoor Shams - 3rd Year Global Business Management

Minute Taker - Ben Parmley - 2nd Year Global Business Management



Marketing, Fashion, Hospitality and Tourism (MFHT)

Chair - Camila Pacheco - 1st Year International Fashion Marketing with Extended Professional Practice

Minute Taker - Emily Neale - 2nd Year International Fashion Management and Marketing

NUS Delegates (London)

Zoya Asad & Haris Khan

Zoya and Haris were Elected to be the NUS Delegates for both Coventry University London and CU London in our most recent Autumn elections. They will bot attend the NUS National conference next term alongside 1 CU Scarborough Delegate and 7 Coventry University Delegates. There will be 100s of other student delegates attending from all over the country and a huge variety of universities as this is the biggest student conference that happens in the year. 


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Meet your 2019/20 Student Representatives!

Meet the Students that will be Representing you at Coventry University London fro the 2019/20 academic year!

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