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Digital Learning Experience Survey Response

Find out how CUSU are working with the university to resolve your feedback

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CUSU Sabbatical Officers and Reps Team conducted a survey on the digital learning experience between 02/10/2020 – 05/10/2020. Thank you to all those who took part. In response to the feedback you raised we have worked closely with the university to answer the questions you were asking. You can see these answers below.

Unsure on where to go for support from the university? Here are some tips on how to get support should you need it:

  • Check out your Aula pages. There is key information that might help answer your query. There will also be information on who to contact should you need a question answering relating to your course. You can also utilise support from a Progress Coach, Academic Personal Tutor etc. 
  • One to One support. A number of courses are looking to introduce more opportunities for one to ones with academics so keep an eye out for communication on this
  • Contact your Course Director. If you’re still not sure you can always contact your Course Director for support.
  • Stay connected and look after your wellbeing - Find opportunities and get support HERE.
  • Need to talk to someone? - Get Mental Health support HERE.

Want more opportunities for group work and to interact with class mates socially. Try some of the below ideas:

  • Community spaces on Aula. Each course will have a community space on Aula. You can utilise this space to ask questions or discuss academic content from your course with your peers.
  • Create your own course social media pages. If you’re a student who wants to talk to course mates socially why not create a social media page and encourage other students to join?
  • Have you joined a Society? CUSU has over a hundred societies, ran by students for students. Whether you’re looking for something related to your course or for something more social there’s something for you. Find the society for you HERE.
  • Virtual Labs. The university is working to give specialist subject areas access to online labs. Some courses have already started using these with more coming online over the coming weeks.
  • Help your community and meet other people – take up a volunteering opportunity.

Want to spend more time studying on campus? Here are the learning and social spaces that you can access across the university:

  • Book a study space at the Library. You can book a four hour slot at the library to help you with your studies. You can do this by accessing their online booking system HERE.
  • The Hub is open. You can utilise informal learning spaces in The Hub without the need to book in advance.

You may have raised that you want more online study materials. If you are looking for access to more content, here’s some information that you may find useful:

  • Utilise the Rep System. Your Course teams are always looking for ways to improve your online learning experience. You can let them know what you would like by contacting your Reps HERE.
  • Having trouble using Aula? Why not check resources on how to use Aula HERE.
  • Standardising course structure on Aula. The University is continuing towards a standardised approach for course teams to follow.

Are you a student who’s found the transition to online learning a little tricky? Not to worry, there’s plenty of support that you can access from the university and CUSU. Here are a few options:

  • Contact a mentor on the Vygo platform. The university and CUSU have worked together to give you access to student mentors who are there to support you throughout your time at university. Get started by clicking HERE.
  • Boost your digital skills – learn new skills with the Digital Kit Bag
  • Have you tried Bibliu? Bibliu isn’t just a platform to access books relating to your course, there are now over a thousand books that you can use through the platform. Whether you need help with time management or how to study effectively, Bibliu has a wealth of resources to support you. Get access to Bibliu HERE.

Did we answer your feedback above? If we didn’t contact your Reps who will raise the feedback with your academic staff and the wider university. Find out how you can do this HERE.


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Digital Learning Experience Survey Response

Find out how CUSU are working with the university to resolve your feedback

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