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Get involved and make some music with us from the safety of your home!

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Hi Windband!

We hope that you’re settling into university life okay despite the strange circumstances! Thank you to everyone who joined our zoom Bingo night last night, we hope you enjoyed yourselves <3 We’ll be hosting more online game nights soon, make sure you’re following us to stay updated!

We’re launching a new series…



This is going to be our main way of safely making music together from home this term! We will be using an app called Acapella which is a really easy way collaborating with other musicians to create a piece of music. 

We will help split you into groups with other members of the band (eg. Flute trio, brass quartet etc…) and help you choose a piece of music to record. Each person in the group will then record themselves playing their part and send it to the next person. The Acapella app should make this a really easy process, all you have to do is record your part and send it to the next person! 


If you’re not entirely sure what Acapella is or how it works, then check it out on Youtube where there are lots of excellent examples. You can also watch this video below as an introduction on how to use the app and collaborate with others.

We’d like to be able to post these videos on our social media channels to show everyone what we’re up to at Windband this term. Depending on how successful it is, recording pieces like this might be how we put together an online concert at the end of term!


Here is the sort of thing we’re hoping to create using this app. This is a flute trio called ‘Colours of the Wind’ arranged by Cindy Blevins. Part one is played by Lydia, our percussionist for the last two years who is currently on a placement year, part two is played by me (Catherine, the VP for Windband) and part three is played by Sophie, who was our Inclusions Officer last year! This is only a short clip, but it shows you the sort of thing we’re hoping this series will be!


If you’d like to chat to one of us about this series or you’re nervous about it then please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! Either email us ( or follow the links on our website to our society social media accounts. If you’d like to chat to me or one of the other committee members personally, then links to our personal accounts are on the Windband social media accounts. We’re always willing to chat and help you out wherever we can. <3

If you’re a member of Windband (past or present) or you’re interested in joining us, please use the comments section below to say hello and tell us what instrument you play! If there are any specific groups you’d like to play in or any arrangements that you particularly like the look of then please let us know that too. We can then get started on putting you guys into groups to start making music! Hopefully, lots of you will want to take part so there will always be someone else to collaborate with!


We’re really excited about this and hope that you guys are too! Don’t forget to leave us a comment below!

See you soon,

Catherine and the rest of the Windband committee x


Dan Connolly
9:33pm on 22 Sep 20 This sounds awesome!
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Get involved and make some music with us from the safety of your home!

Tue 22 Sep 2020