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Welcome Back to Semester 2!!!

A quick welcome back message to all our new and existing members about our semester 2 plans!!

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Welcome back everyone!

We hope you’ve all had a lovely Winter break and are ready to face the New Year and new semester. With the implementation of a new National Lockdown and the shift to predominantly online learning, we here at CUSU’s Musical Theatre Society wanted to let you know what our current plans are for semester 2.

With England currently being in a new National Lockdown, we will be remaining online until further notice. Zoom links for both sessions and socials will be made accessible by the committee on the Facebook Group. As the Government Guidelines changes, we will be reassessing the situation along with the SU and will only return to campus once it is safe to do so.

Refreshers Week: (w/c 18.01.21)

If you’re joining or returning back to university this January then our Refreshers Week is a great opportunity for you to come, meet us and get a feel for the society.

If you’re thinking of joining us this semester, then please go to our minisite page and click the ‘I’m Interested’ button to be automatically added to our mailing blast. We will send out emails about how to join our Refreshers Sessions so you can meet other members of the society and ask us any questions you might have.

  • Sessions will be more relaxed and games orientated.
  • A chance to socialise with returners and meet any new prospective society members who are considering joining MTS in January.
  • Ask committee any questions you might have about the society or joining.
  • Refreshers week is open to all our members, so please come along.

Sessions: (w/c 25.01.21)

Our regular sessions will be resuming this week and will follow the same timetable as last semester.

  • Every Monday & Thursday        6:30pm-9:30pm GMT (UK)
  • Every Sunday                             5pm-8pm GMT (UK)

If there are any changes we will let you know!

Plans for Semester 2:

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we will not be doing a showcase this semester, however, we will be filling the sessions with our ‘New Month, New Musical’ plan. Each month, sessions will be based around a different musical where you’ll be taught songs, dances and acting scenes from the chosen musical.

Before each month, you’ll be able to vote in the musical you want to do which will range from a series of styles (comedic, historical, tragic etc…). More information about our plans for semester 2 will be announced over the coming weeks -so keep an eye out on the Facebook Page!


MTS will be hosting bi-weekly socials and all the information for each social will be made available as Events Pages on the Facebook Page. Socials will usually be on Fridays at 7pm GMT (UK), but if there are any changes, we will let you know. If you have any ideas, themes or you would like to host/co-host your own social, drop our Socials Officer, Lucy, a message.

Online Showcase:

At the end of semester 1, we were working towards creating an Online Showcase where we could compile a series of dancing, singing and acting pieces into videos. We would like to thank all of you who submitted a video in, you all worked so hard last semester and we loved every single video.

Whilst we are still in the process of editing and finalising the videos, we would like to announce that the Online Showcase will be ready to release (provisionally) by Friday 22nd January 2021, so please keep an eye out on the Facebook Page and our social media pages.

Memberships & Contracts:

If you haven’t already please head over to our society’s minisite page to pay the society membership fee. You also need to read and sign the society contract upon joining, this can be found under the ‘files’ tab on the Facebook Page. If you have any issues please message our Treasurer, Reaha or President, Diya.

Helpful Resources:

We understand that juggling your university, work and personal lives throughout the pandemic has been an extremely difficult time for some of us. With news of the third lockdown, you might be feeling disappointed, worried or upset about the uncertainty of when we can see family/friends and get back on campus. With this in mind, here are some positive reminders:-

  1. There is support available through the university, if you’re worried about administrative issues, your course, accommodation or mental wellbeing, follow this link for information about who you can contact to get the right advice and support:-
  2. For our members, if you’re struggling, there is support available within MTS. You can reach out to our Inclusions Officer, Lucy, for a chat or for advice. Similarly, you can also reach out to other committee members -we’re all happy to chat to you and help you where we can!
  3. Please remember the importance of self-care, it’s so important to make sure you’re looking after your emotional and physical wellbeing. The way to do this is individual to everyone, we all have things we like to do and allowing ourselves to do these things is good for our wellbeing.

We hope to see many of you in the upcoming weeks and if you have any questions or concerns please email us at:- or drop a message to a committee member.

See you soon,
Musical Theatre Society Committee (2020-21) x


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Welcome Back to Semester 2!!!

A quick welcome back message to all our new and existing members about our semester 2 plans!!

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