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Kinga's Learning Online Experience #EngageToAchieve

Students are welcomed to submit a blog and/or video sharing their experience learning online together with any tips to share with other students for the #EngageToAchieve Campaign. They will each be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 amazon voucher. We invite you to read this blog submitted by Kinga Ambrozkiewicz

My Online Learning Experience 


As a graphic designer, and somebody who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, engaging with technology and the internet in general, the prospect of ‘online learning’ largely didn’t phase me. Admittedly, watching lectures and taking part in seminars via Zoom does require a tad bit more effort than mindlessly scrolling through your social media, or playing Candy Crush but it is also way more profitable!

I've heard many different opinions from my friends about online classes. However, I can honestly say that my experience of learning online during the coronavirus pandemic has been a positive one. I would love to share my personal experience and my daily routine with you! 

The Univeristy gives me the opportunity to do my course online or at the campus, and tutors are very open for students to engage in face-to-face activities, although, it is not always possible. I chose studying online to focus on my studies and staying motivated in the best way possible rather than be distracted by the COVID-19 fear, when of going to the campus.

From the very beginning of the semester, the university have done everything to make students feel as welcome online as at the campus. I need to mention amazing job of CUSU. They stayed proactive by posting engaging activities online, sending lots of notifications and opportunities for games or quizes with even a chance to win an amazon voucher! I feel like everyone are doing their best to replace face-to-face teaching with the most real online learning and it is going great! 

I need to admit: I miss face-to-face learning and direct contact with people. I miss going out with my friends for uni lunchbreaks, as we all do, but there are a few key things which I learned from online teaching experience...

#1. I'm always trying to look positively at things and apart from efficient classes I've gained several personal friendships during this online-learning scheme. It is easier to find an online friend, so don't miss a chance to interract with people, because those friendships can be important for your professional networking in the future!

#2. You can also do something for yourself, for which you always lacked time - e.g. update your CV or apply for your dream company! Get prepared for post-lockdown times! Work hard when others are sleeping! :D

#3. In addition to this, I think that sticking to the usual lecture timetable helped me to insert some structure into my working day… and my life in general! Monday, for example, was always my ‘busy day’ during the week, so I knew that I need to do my workout in the morning to keep my energy for the rest of the day! Don't forget about body movement. Sitting in front of the computer is not good for your health. Keep yourself busy by introducing new activities to your life. Maybe is the good time to finally try yoga?

Click here to find out more on the #EngageToAchieve campaign, how to enter and some useful resources for online learning.


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