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The Students' Union offers a lot! We want your SU experience to be yours, with the bits you want and without the bits you don't. Take two minutes to tell us what you're interested in and we'll use that to personalise your experience.


Clubs and societies, trips and travel, TV and radio, volunteering and community...

     Liberation and Campaigns

    We provide support and run campaigns on a range of issues affecting all students.

       Education and Skills

      We're here to improve your academic experience and help you develop skills

         Life and Culture

        We're here for your non-academic needs too!

           Home and Travel

          We know life is different for students in halls, living at home, commuting, and we work to improve the university experience for you all!

             Study Day

            Let us know which day of the week you're timetabled to be on campus so we can better support you.

               Run the Students' Union

              We're run by students. Students like you! If you'd like to be a part of running events, campaigns, and activities let us know which areas you're interested in (you're allowed to select them all if you like!)

                 Offers and Discounts

                We send a regular newsletter with exclusive discounts and offers for our students


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